I’m not the greatest blogger but wanted to say you guys should check out some of the new scripts that were posted! My animated script, Cast-Iron Sands as well as a new comic, Needle and Thread, coming from Mad Cave Studios! Check them out under the scripts and comics tab respectively!

It’s been a minute…

So, a lot has happened in the year or so since I’ve posted here. I’ve entered more script writing contests, launched a webcomic (ForgedComic.com) , and even wrote and directed a short film called “In Your Hands“. It’s been a fun and busy experience, but over the next few days I’ll post about some of […]

New Logline!

New Logline! In a post World War One London, three forgettable associates who lack meaning in their lives, strive to be remembered throughout history by being the fence for the world’s largest and most notorious art theft ring. I’m working on a story bible behind this one. Hopefully I’ll get that up in the next […]