Forged: Legendary Crafts and Delivery Services

With mystical beasts wreaking havoc all over the world, people turn to their heroes and legends for much needed help, and at the side of every good, legendary hero is an equally legendary weapon that has been forged, enchanted and, most importantly, mailed and delivered on time. Wyatt, a nine-year-old, world class blacksmith and budding wizard, works in a family owned business creating and delivering legendary weapons with his two older siblings, mother, father and oracles who place orders on behalf of future heroes. With the world on the line, on time delivery is a guarantee… or at least it should be.


Credits: Created and Written By: David Pinckney
Pencils, Inks, Colors, Character Designs By: Maggie Venable
Letters By: Adam Wollet

Released: December 14, 2018 (webcomic). Updates every Wednesday and Thursday.