Below are original loglines created and written by myself. Unless noted otherwise each logline is for an untitled project.

Greyson: A farmer heralded by his small community as the town’s savior has a dark secret to conceal – his own daughter who he keeps locked away in a shed because she’s a ruthless killing machine. But when an aggressive land developer begins making the rounds in town trying to get people to sell their property so his boss can pay off a personal debt, secrets will be exposed and the town will never be the same again.

*Logline provided by Coverfly coverage.

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Attendant: Working her dream job, a headstrong flight attendant strives for a good work-life balance but her personal life always seems to get left behind when her hectic work schedule keeps her 30,000 feet in the air.

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Domestic Affairs: A detective who desires more time with his family decides it’s time to leave the precinct after finishing one last case. All goes well when he gets the clues he needs to finally confront the serial killer he’s been tracking…that is until he finds out the serial killer is his wife.

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In a post World War One London, three forgettable associates who lack meaning in their lives, strive to be remembered throughout history by being the fence for the world’s largest and most notorious art theft ring.

A time traveler that needs to solve the mystery of a piece of history lost to time breaks the cardinal rule and teams up with the only person she can trust: her younger self.

A probation officer gets ready to lift the house arrest sentence on a criminal, only to find out the criminal is protecting the officer from something much more dangerous.

The owner of a laundromat, desperate for cash, sells the secrets and stories of the people he hears in his store to the local paper. But when he sells a secret no one should know, he finds himself on the run from an underground crime syndicate.

A darkroom technician who’s lost his memory begins to find pieces of his life in the photos he develops from seemingly unrelated customers.