Masterclass: Aaron Sorkin

Started doing another Masterclass. This time I’m doing Aaron Sorkin’s screenwriting class. As the previous Masterclass I did,  Shonda Rhimes TV writing Masterclass,  was worth every cent, I figured why not try out another one. So far I’m on lesson 10 of 35 of Aaron Sorkin’s class, but it’s proving to be just as invaluable as Shonda Rhimes.

To prep a bit for Aaron Sorkin’s class, I watched a few of his movies: Social Network, Steve Jobs, and A Few Good Men. All of which, naturally, were great! Also, can’t forget that I watched some West Wing as well, which is good because West Wing so far is the most frequently referenced piece of his work.

As the class goes on, I’ll update with any new revelations or findings I get from the class!


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