Masterclass: Aaron Sorkin

Started doing another Masterclass. This time I’m doing Aaron Sorkin’s screenwriting class. As the previous Masterclass I did,  Shonda Rhimes TV writing Masterclass,  was worth every cent, I figured why not try out another one. So far I’m on lesson 10 of 35 of Aaron Sorkin’s class, but it’s proving to be just as invaluable […]

New Script Uploaded!

Just finished the script of an original short film called, “For the Fight of Becoming”! Here’s the synopsis: Lucas is everything he doesn’t want to be, but in fairness, that’s what was asked of him. Rosa was her own person, until others made a life for her. When the two cross paths, their life experiences […]

New Short Film

Finished a the first draft of a short film. I’m in the process of editing it (along with a series bible) to add it to my portfolio! When it’s done I’ll add it to the website. It’s a story about, in short, throwing away the life you don’t want and exchanging it for something you […]

New Logline!

New Logline! In a post World War One London, three forgettable associates who lack meaning in their lives, strive to be remembered throughout history by being the fence for the world’s largest and most notorious art theft ring. I’m working on a story bible behind this one. Hopefully I’ll get that up in the next […]